They are devices inside a place that allows the user to exercise control over the content or objects and input their own information or transaction. They have active input device touch screen sensors and characteristics that allow the user to interface with the system. Most of them are interactive, but nor does it need to be. Customer service and information interaction has a huge upside for dynamic and interactive features. Besides refers to the capacity to continuously change the object in a place surrounding, and the information that can provide.

Amazing & Attractive – getting immediate audience attention is the most important part: the WOW effect has proven increase on communication effectiveness, user action and sales.
Focused & Measurable – it dynamically changes to deliver a focused function and message to an audience at each location.
Dynamic & Connected –dynamically changes to meet the auto-detected demographics of your audience.
Cost-effective & Profitable – eliminating all printing and distribution fees. Full control, remote management, no heavy logistics.
Flexible & Centralized – from trade fairs to corporate lobbies to banks and malls –offers a versatile solution with transformable and interactive objects around in several places just from one location, ensuring quality and consistency with minimal resources.

Any company with the need of adequate spaces, as well as treatment of information, communication and messaging needs. The retail industry (shopping malls and stores, financial services and banks, hotels, galleries and museums, trade shows, public venues and corporate settings). As business spaces continue to expand, more of them will find innovative ways to perform their taskings. Companies can use this items to increase information accessibility, boost sales, space improvement, with better marketing and advertising.

Whether you need 1 unit or 1000 items, you’ll get the same world-class powerful management system and service. There’s no limit to how many units you can fit in your place or information you need for software design, since the core technology is the same in each product.

We are focused on designing, developing and deploying interactive and digital object systems and networks. Our all-inclusive systems arrive ready-to-use with custom high-end design, hardware, software and content to amaze and attract visitors. Just switch them on and you’re good to go. You get all the flexibility you need to update a place, schedule and monitor your content and audience over in the cloud by any web-enabled device including your smartphone.

These products in action sees right away that it’s something different. High-end materials, premium quality, intelligent cutting-edge technology, smart trend design and the capacity to adapt according the space needing, makes the difference.

You can create your own content playlists and schedules, hire our designers or your ad agency to do it with computer programs to create content, display / buy existing content, feeds, websites, web applications and even run AI assets.

You should place our systems in high-traffic and high-visibility locations (which usually could be found and fine-tuned with the integrated Audience), yet avoid locations where customers or employees will bump into it. A preinstalled power socket (110V or 220V) is the only item you need to run our interactive digital units.

After spending tens of thousands upfront on hardware, content, implementation plus monthly fees, our customer get measurable sales increase in the 30 to 250% range. Besides they reduce cost of space maintenance around 40%. The ROI comes from conversion rates – people reached, brand awareness, sales patterns, yet most of all the medium is the most cost-free one than all other media, including paper. All resources to keep it fresh are update with the ultimate trend design.

Most standard orders ship in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the custom design and configuration level, and of course the number of units required.

Our clients say

"With its participation in the event of the World Urban Forum, this company demonstrated that with its products it can be up to organizations such as the United Nations and provide the user with the solutions they need".
United Nations
"Thanks to its products and the technological solutions that we offer this company has created technological wonders that amaze and serve many, we hope to have their creations and designs for many more years".
"The touch products proved to be very versatile when used in different programs live on our channel, never failed in live broadcasts showing good example of quality and design of those high tech gadgets".
"This company is the best creating multiple technological solutions that amaze and solve problems, from interactive mirrors to holographic solutions, we hope to have them and support them in the creation of new proposals to improve the lives of people and companies".